Final Payment for Tacia/Jarrod

Dana Parlevliet

Regular price $270.50
Final Payment for Tacia/Jarrod
Bridal bouquet= $75
6 Bridesmaids, 7 inch bouquets, $40 each= $240
Grooms boutonniere, 3 flowers, $10
6 Groomsmen boutonnieres, 1 flower, $6 each= $36
Shipping to 27302, 1 large box, USPS Express Mail= $60
Total= $361 + shipping = $421
25% deposit = $90.25
Balance due upon completion= $270.50 + shipping 
-Design notes: 
I have Sailor Moon, I don't have Fruit Baskets but I should be able to find some so I'll plan to use both for the brides bouquet.  And yes the brides bouquet can have a mixture of types of flowers like the picture you attached-
Deadpool for the grooms boutonniere. 
Mix of these comics for bridesmaids & groomsmen
Aquaman, Batman, Capt America, Deadpool, Dr Who, Dr Strange, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hulk, Iron Man, Joker & Harley, Spiderman, Suuperman, The Avengers, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Thor, Transmetropolitan, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Xmen
The colors of our wedding are red and gray. So red and black would work perfectly fine