Life Magazine Flowers for their Sunnyside, New York wedding!

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Leslie & Dave contacted us with a pile of vintage Life Magazines hoping we could craft them
into flowers for their wedding! Her ideas inspired our pomander and large centerpiece designs.

They ordered:
Bridal Pomander
Maid of Honors Bouquet
15 Large Round Centerpieces

**Pricing for their flowers is slightly different from our standard pricing. They supplied
the paper which was very thin and the ink was eager to smear. We took extra care to keep
them safe as we crafted and did not apply any paint to the paper. If you have a similar
project in mind, send me a message and we can discuss pricing!*

"I could not say how much I love these flowers! I cannot wait to see them on the tables
at the wedding! amazing job! beautiful. awesome packing of the items--just fantastic"

Each flower was finished with a classic brass tack. Leslie provided a perfect white vase to
fit the centerpieces. As we crafted hundreds of flowers for their centerpieces we searched
for as much red and teal as possible within the magazines to match their color scheme!

"So AMAZING to work with---the pieces are great! she has been awesome throughout
the process! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Kevin Trimmer Photography

On a personal note Leslie has been a great friend since we "met" in 2011. We've kept in
touch over the years and she's inspired so much creativity for us. We keep a small stash
of her Life Magazines as a wonderful reminder of her and Dave. I hope the 4 of us can
go to dinner one day!

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