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This paper flower kissing ball was crafted with love, accented with color and folded into this unique piece of art- and it hangs! It is the perfect alternative to holding a bouquet or makes a fabulous hanging decoration. It measures about 9 inches in diameter, contains approximately 25-30 flowers and is assembled very securely with hot glue (and a few other tricks!)

Please allow approx 2-3 weeks for production of your pomander. 

There are multiple pomanders shown here! We can make your flowers out of any type of paper- sheet music, book pages or a custom print. We can use any colors to accent your flowers and we have a variety of embellishments for the centers of the flowers! Send me a message to start customizing the perfect pomander for you!

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***The following information will help you in customizing your flowers. Send me a message with any questions or for help placing your order!***

If you’d like the flowers as they are pictured here please feel free to purchase this listing to finalize your order. Changes in color or embellishment can be left in the “message to seller” box at checkout. If you’d like a change in quantity beyond what is listed as available please send me a message, so we can work out your details and set up a listing just for you.

Our Process:
Every flower can be customized exactly the way you’d like it. One flower or an entire wedding package. We specialize in perfecting the details. The process of customizing a wedding package takes time as we thoughtfully trade color samples, pick deliberate fonts and embellish designs to make the flowers undeniably yours. Here are things to think about while you build your order and some questions I’ll ask you in our first conversation:

1. Your name, event date and contact information. If you have a Pinterest board, color charts or any other inspirations- I’d love to see it!

2. The type of paper- The first thing to pick is the type of paper.
-Solid colored paper- our available collection can be found here:
This is a limited selection of colors so please feel free to request the shades you need and it will be matched at no extra cost. (Crimson red, navy blue, royal purple, gold and silver are popular requests)
-A book of your choice- If you'd like your flowers to be made of a particular manuscript, I can use any book for available purchase to create your flowers. I charge for the cost of the book or you can send it to me! The only thing to consider is that the size of the paper will restrict the size of the flowers, we can discuss these details further via email. A lot of books can be found in pdf format. This option allows for bouquets or single flowers to be made in any of my available sizes and carries no extra charge unless it must be purchased.
-Sheet music- I have a constantly growing collection of sheet music that is available to be printed on white or light cream paper. Please send me the title and artist of the song(s) you’d like and I’ll do my best to find at no cost. Most songs are available for a $5 charge. You may also email or snail-mail me a copy of the song you’d like me to use (It will be scanned and returned to you.)
-Custom prints- Flowers can be made from anything you have in mind, please send me a message with your ideas! We can use a print of your vows, personal letters, song lyrics, poetry, or any digital print that can be purchased and printed in my shop. (The font used will match the example in the listing, any font found in Word will work!) We are happy to print in other languages or use collages of images (such as your family photos!), I am very excited to hear your ideas!

3. Style of Painting:
-I have created the splashing effect, a fun and organic addition to color the flowers. Please let me know if you have a preference for a “light” or “heavy” splash of color and I will do my absolute best!
-A more conservative and delicate look is dipping the color just around the edges. This is suggested when using a custom print so you can easily see and enjoy the wonderful words you have requested.
These two techniques carry no extra cost and is just a matter of your preference. The following requests may carry an extra cost:
1. Splash the flowers in 1 color and dip them in 2nd color.
2. Splash the flowers in 1 color and splash them again in a 2nd color.
-Just like chips and dip- no double dipping.
*I am happy to fill these requests! It’s a fantastic way of adding extra color and detail to your flowers, lets chat about what you have in mind and if that will carry an extra cost*

4. The embellishments: The centers of the flowers are another opportunity to express your style and personality. I have buttons in most colors, clear or black gems, cream pearls, gold tacks, silver tacks and brass tacks. I have small quantities of the gems and pearls in all colors available now, if necessary and time allows I am happy to order your color upon request for no extra charge. I have a growing collection of pearls, gold and silver pieces that may carry an extra charge for large flowers, please let me know if these interest you! Unique ideas include our gem bursts, monogrammed bottle caps, or leather embellishments.

All information regarding payment, production times and rush orders can be found with our Policies.

Do you make every flower?
Yes, indeed. Lee and I run our shop out of our small ranch in Reseda, California. We occasionally receive help folding flowers from friends in our busiest times, but even with help I am the only person who will assemble the final flower and build your personal bouquet. Each and every flower is crafted by us both, handed back and forth between steps, and ultimately finished by me and only me. A great amount of pride is taken in the each step of the process: cutting, painting, folding, gluing, gluing again, embellishing, removing glue from our hair, final assembly, and the eagerly awaited shipment.
How long does it take to make a flower?
1 flower can be created in anywhere from 2 minutes to 20. With an average number of 15 flowers per bouquet, we give ourselves over to the commitment of their unique beauty, one that will last forever.

How do I know paper flowers are right for me?
Ask my previous customers! My feedback page:
It is a simple matter of preference that is determined by you and your groom, influenced by your budget and opinions of family and friends. I pride my work on being a non-traditional and budget friendly alternative for anyone looking for something modern, eco-friendly, and elegant. Natural flowers are a magical expression of symmetry and color; we try to capture that with the art of our long lasting materials. They will last forever as a personalized mementos of your day. Let us decorate your memories with an undeniable beauty. I hope you enjoy this process as much as we do!