Custom order for Amanda S- December 2021 wedding

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Cascading Bridal= $175
Bridesmaid bouquet= $78
Toss bouquet= 20
7 corsages= $20 each= $140
9 boutonnieres= $15 each= $135
Total= $548 + shipping to 13760 (1 large box, $110)
Grand total= $658
All details in our emails: 
The boutonnieres will be dark red except for the groom's boutonniere which will be gold, the corsages will be navy blue, the bridesmaid bouquet will be navy blue, the toss bouquet will be dark red, and I would like my cascading bouquet to be a mix of dark red, navy, black, and gold. I like the look of the edges that have been dipped in color, I think it provides a very nice, clean, and elegant look. The bridesmaid bouquet handle and cascading bouquet handle will both be navy blue satin with the crisscrossing lace details and cream pearls. I like the look of the cream pearls for all of the boutonnieres, corsages, and for the bridesmaid bouquet. If possible, I would like to have my cascading bouquet have the black and cream pearls and the groom's boutonniere, that would have the gold coloring, will have black pearls.