Custom order for Courtney- Final 50% Payment

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The wedding is 10/21/23

50% deposit = $387 (50% of flower total, 50% of shipping total) 

Bridal, 12 inch= $80
9 bridesmaids bouquets, 7 inch bouquet, $40 each= $360
2 groomswomen bouquets, 7 inch, $40 each= $80
Grooms boutonniere, 5 flowers= $15
4 groomsmen boutonnieres, 3 flowers, $10 each= $40
3 more boutonnieres for dads and grandpa. $10 each= $30
3 corsages for moms and grandma, $20 each= $60
Total = $665 + shipping* 2 large boxes

*Shipping: Our best option is UPS 3 day, $60 per box= $120 total. If this ends up being an overestimation I will refund you any difference left over!

Notes *see our emails for complete notes*:

-For the Harry Potter books, 3, 6, and 4 are my favorites but I'm totally open to using a mix of them! Screen shots and the comics for Doctor Who both sound amazing! I think I lean more towards the screen shots, but if there's any real cool imagines from the comics that you think would look good, I'm totally down! I trust your judgement! 

-For bridesmaids bouquets, we're just going to keep it with the books and not include David Tennant  

-For the grooms boutonniere, could you use Everlong by the Foo Fighters and Human by the Killers? The rest of the flowers can be whatever you think works!

-royal blue & dark green
-embellishments= white pearls