Paper Flower Wedding Centerpiece- one of a kind,decoration, made to order, wedding decor, guest table, head table, origami

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This stunning centerpiece was crafted from 25 large flowers into this beautiful centerpiece. It measures 12 inches in diameter and this size is built to fit a vase with a 4 inch mouth. The size of the centerpiece and vase it is built can vary, please send me a convo to discuss your centerpieces!

If you need just 1 or a set of 20- I'm your gal!

The purpose of this listing is to design your own centerpiece! There are 2 sets of photos here, the professional photos show a centerpiece crafted from vintage Life magazines accented with brightly colored flowers. The 2nd centerpiece is made with splashed sheet music and bright colored flowers. Your centerpiece will be made with the paper and colors of your choosing. The price listed here is for either of the styles shown above, your price will be finalized once we chat about your ideas, time frame, colors and quantity!

***Please Read if you intend to customize this centerpiece or build a wedding package***

If you’d like the order exactly as it is pictured here please feel free to purchase the listing to finalize your order. If you’d like a change in quantity or color scheme please send me a convo so we can work out your details and set up a listing just for you.

First time buyer? Here’s info on checking out with etsy:

How it works:
Every flower can be customized exactly the way you’d like it. One flower or an entire wedding package- we specialize in perfecting the details. The process of customizing a wedding package can take weeks while we trade color samples, pick fonts and find the perfect embellishments to make it undeniably yours. Here are things to think about while you build your order and some questions I’ll ask you in our first conversation:
1. The type of paper; The first thing to pick is the type of paper. There are slight price differences depending on your preferences.
-solid colored paper: ask me to see my selection of pre-colored papers
-any book (if you want your flowers made from a recycled book and have no preference for the type of book)- no extra charge
-custom book: I can use any book available for purchase to create your flowers. I charge for the cost of the book (or you can send it to me!) and the only thing to consider is that the size of the paper will restrict the size of the flowers, we can discuss these details further.
-sheet music: ask me to see the growing list of sheet music I offer. If you’d like a song not on this list it will be an additional $5 per song. You may also email or snail-mail me a copy of the song you’d like me to use.
-custom prints: any flowers can be made using any of the following prints (the font used will be Annabel Script unless you have a specific preference)
-“I love you” print
-“I love you” plus your names and anniversary date
-Any song lyrics
-Any poem or play
-Any text you provide (your vows, love letters, special quotes, biblical passages, etc)

2. The colors:
-If you want a bouquet of all solid colors: You may choose up to 3 colors. I can either use pre-colored papers, paint the flowers your custom colors or do a combination of both.
-For all other bouquets made from book, sheet music or custom prints you may choose up to 2 colors. Your flowers will either be splashed with color or have color dipped just around the edges, those same colors will be used for the accent flowers in the bouquets.
*Additional colors have a small added cost depending on the size of your order. Don’t be shy asking for a 3rd or 4th color!

3. Style of Painting:
-I have created the splashing effect to be a fun and organic addition of color to the flowers. Please let me know if you have a preference for a “light” or “heavy” splash of color.
-A more conservative and delicate look is dipping the color just around the edges. This is suggested when using the custom prints so you can easily enjoy the wonderful words you have requested.
-these two techniques carry no extra cost and is just a matter of your preference. The following requests carry an extra cost:
1. Splash the flowers in 1 color and dip them in 2nd color.
2. Splash the flowers in 1 color and splash them again in a 2nd color.
-as is the case with chips and dip- no double dipping 
*I am happy to fill these requests! It’s a fantastic way of adding extra color and detail to your flowers, lets chat about what you have in mind and if that will carry an extra cost*

4. The embellishments: The centers of the flowers are another opportunity to express your style and personality. I have buttons in most colors, clear or black gems, cream pearls, gold tacks, silver tacks or brass tacks. The gems and pearls are available to order in most colors, if time allows I can order your color upon request for no extra charge. I have jars full of buttons and handmade embellishments, ask me to see my collection!

5. Your name, event date and contact info.

I accept Paypal only. You do not need a paypal account to use process your payment using your credit card, more information can be found here:
Waiting list vs. production time:

Our production time is very quick and our waiting list is growing every day. Wedding packages can be completed within 3 weeks after we begin but at this time we will not be able to begin for at least 5 weeks. Payment in advance or a 25% deposit is required on orders over $100. While this finalizes your order it does not speed up the production time or ensure that I will begin immediately, it secures your place in line. We have orders booked as soon as a week in advance to 2 years in advance, please consider your deadline when asking me to create your order over 6 months in advance, if your order can wait it may need to while I balance my deadlines for the season we are in. We thank you in advance for your patience.
Not every order requires this much time, small purchases under $100 will be shipped within approximately 2 weeks. To ensure arrival by a particular date please let me know.

RUSH ORDERS: Rush orders may be accepted upon request with an additional fee of 20%. Everything in my shop is completely handmade and therefore very time consuming so I reserve the right to refuse any rush orders if it may compromise the quality of the work.

How do I know if I need to pay a rush fee?
-If you need anything to arrive in 1 week or less- even with a rush fee this may not be possible, send me a convo to discuss what you need. My rush fee does not include the price of overnight shipping if that applies.
-If you need more than 1 bouquet and 1 boutonniere in 2 weeks or less.
-If you’re not sure just send me a convo! I make time for everyone!

When will my order ship?
I run this shop based on the date you ordered and the date you need your flowers by considering my calendar for the year. In peak wedding seasons we are working as fast as possible to get everyone their flowers and I guarantee they will be on time. I will be in constant communication with you regarding the progress of your flowers and we will work out the shipping date based on the season, the size of your order and the amount of time I have before your event.

We ship through USPS Monday-Friday. Within the US all boxes are priority shipped for arrival in 2-3 business days and your tracking number will be emailed to you from International boxes will take at least 7-10 business days and unfortunately tracking numbers are not available. As our business progresses and we master the packaging process we know that the items are safest tightly packed in small boxes, if you’ve placed a large order your items will most likely arrive in multiple boxes to ensure safe travel. Your flowers will travel boxed in packing peanuts, tissue paper and anything else we may need to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Do you make every flower?
Yes, indeed. My lovely boyfriend, Lee, and I run our shop out of our Portland home. We occasional get help folding flowers from friends in our busiest times but even with help I am the only person who will assemble your flowers and build your bouquet.

Who are you two?
I am Dana and my partner is Lee. We have lived in Portland since 2009 and our business began half way through 2010 with a summer wedding. We made our first flowers for Lee’s sisters’ wedding and have been in business ever since. As active musicians we are either making flowers or making music in our little home on a creek in Oregon. With dreams of taking our business on the road and living by the ocean we are thrilled to wake every day to a bundle of brides waiting for their flowers.

How long does it take to make a flower?
1 flower can take as quick as 2 minutes and as long as 20. With an average number of 15 flowers per bouquet they are a commitment to unique beauty that will last forever.

How do I know paper flowers are right for me?
I find all flowers to be beautiful, paper or natural. It is a simple matter of preference that is determined by you and also influenced by your budget, your groom and an unlimited amount of family opinions. I pride my work on being a non-traditional and budget friendly alternative for anyone looking for something new and different. The fact that they will last forever as a personalized memento of your wedding day is an undeniable truth.