Paper Flower Wedding Centerpiece- paper flowers and lilies, made to order, one of a kind, destination wedding, wedding decor, head table

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This stunning centerpiece was created to fit the budget and any vase for a fabulous bride. Crafted from bright blue, green and purple paper there are 10 flowers and 2 lilies built into this one of a kind origami piece. Each flower is finished with a cream pearl and the lilies are built with our one of a kind pearl bursts. This piece can have as many as 6 more lilies at $5 each, send me a message to discuss adding lilies to this centerpiece.

This piece is attached to a thin wooden base that allows it to sit flat atop any surface. . Alterations in size may be available, we'll just need to chat about how you intend to display the flowers. This piece measures approximately 11 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall.

This piece is meant to be customized to your specifications. While this centerpiece only has 1 color you may choose up to 2 (including 1 color to be splashed onto the lilies). The colors available are: white, cream, black, light blue, dark blue, turquoise, light green, mint green, red, yellow, bright light orange, bright orange, brown, dark purple, lilac purple, or bright pink. This is just what I have in stock at the moment- more colors may be available upon request.

Just send me a message to see a picture of all of the colors and discuss other details of your centerpieces. You can purchase as many as 10 with this listing- for additional centerpieces just send me a message and I will set up a listing for you!

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the production of 1 centerpiece- if ordered a set more time can be expected. Within the US all boxes are priority shipped for arrival in 2-3 business days and your tracking number will be emailed to you from International boxes will be shipped First Class and will take at least 7-10 business days and unfortunately tracking numbers are not available nor is the delivery time guaranteed. Priority and Express International shipping options are available upon request for an extra cost with guaranteed delivery times of 6-10 or 3-5 business days.

To have this centerpiece made with the sheet music of your choice just follow this link: