Sheet Music Wedding Package

Dana Parlevliet

Regular price $461.00

This listing serves as an example and is meant to be customized for you! Send me a message with the quantities that you need and a new listing will be set up for you.

We used  "Clair de Lune" sheet music, accented with crimson red and cream pearl embellishments for her flowers. We can customize your flowers with the sheet music or book of your choice, with any accent color(s) and embellishments! If this package happens to be exactly what you need please feel free to proceed with placing your order!

This wedding package includes:

Bridal Bouquet, 9 inch= $78
Grooms Boutonniere, 3 flowers= no charge!
4 Bridesmaids Bouquets, 7 inch= $40 each= $160
10 Boutonnieres, 1 flower= $6 each= $60
5 Corsages, $15 each= $75

Total= $461 + Shipping

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