Wedding Centerpiece

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This one of a kind centerpiece was created to fit a literature theme with bright colors. This arrangement served as the centerpiece for her head table while 10 additional centerpieces decorated the room- she placed them on top of copies of their favorite books.

The flowers are made from the paper and color scheme of your choice paper there are 10 flowers and 2 lilies built into this one of a kind origami piece. Each flower is finished with a cream pearl and the lilies are built with our one of a kind bursts of gems or pearls.

This piece is entirely secure, the flowers will not pull out or fall off, and will sit perfectly flat upon a table or other flat surface. Alterations in size may be available, we'll just need to chat about how you intend to display the flowers. This piece measures approximately 11 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall.

This piece is meant to be customized to your specifications! We can use any book pages, sheet music, comic books, photos, song lyrics or custom messages. Feel free to send me an email to chat about your arrangements prior to purchasing!

As you check out it will prompt you to choose the type of paper and color scheme. Since there are so many possible choices simply choose the number of accent colors you'd like and write your color scheme in the "Instructions for Seller" box.

Please allow 2 weeks for the production of 1 centerpiece- additional centerpieces will require more time.